Harry Styles Niall Starbucks Meeting!

A fan (@mlh93) met Harry Styles at Starbucks today (August 9th) and then later chased them down to get their autograph after she had forgot to ask Harry! Harry’s friend Cal sadly shut her down asking “Are you filming? No filming please.” Kind of rude of him…. it’s just ONE fan. Harry and Niall didn’t seem to mind. Full Story UNDER!

+Pics from the show coming up! Louis seemed out of it today… poor bb

@mlh93: “So I was on my car with my parents and my brother driving on Santa Barbara blvd in Beverly Hills and we were passing I was staring and saw someone with a Greenbay Packers Cap and tight black, I knew that I saw those clothes before and I knew it was HARRY! So I beg my dad to do a u turn in order to get to Starbucks, there was a red light so it was my chance to get out of the car and go to Starbucks. I walked in normally and calm and YES IT WAS HARRY! He was with Cal so I got closed to him and asked him if I could took a picture with him and with his damn sexy british accent he said “sure,of course” and I kept talking to him about This Is Us while he was waiting for his Starbucks and then I walk out an I forgot to asked for an autograph so I waited till he walk out with Cal (this is when I start recording) I was saying his name “Harry,Harry” and Cal said “we are running late,we need to go” and I begged for an autograph and when Harry opened the car’s door NIALL WAS THERE waiting for them!!! I was by myself so they stopped ! I got harry’s an Niall’s autograph, but then Cal saw that I was recording so I stopped! IT WAS THE BEST DAY EVER! It was all unexpected cause yesterday I went to there concert! It was just sooo perfect”