Larry Stylinson Torn Apart By Management?

You aren’t a real One Direction fan unless you know of the “Larry Stylinson” conspiracy. The debate in question is whether or not Larry Stylinson is a BROMANCE or a ROMANCE. It’s just hours before the 2013 Teen Choice Awards are being televised on FOX, and One Direction is going to be opening the show with a performance of their new hit Best Song Ever live. Post brought to you by oceanUP & @StalkingOfStars for contributing!

Since no one else (media outlet) wanted to address it, we may as well take a stab at the elephant in the room. It’s about time that a media outlet actually addresses what is and what has gone on between Larry Stylinson. It is clear that today, their friendship has become less strong than what it use to. While we aren’t saying Larry Stylinson are currently in a romantic relationship, we believe there is compelling evidence, which will be presented, which will prove that they were in a relationship at one time — and quite possibly torn apart by their own management (Modest Management). It is their management’s actions and the mystery behind Eleanor which almost solidifies the appearance of them hiding something. In this post, we want YOU to discuss what your thoughts are on Larry Stylinson!

It’s time these rumors were addressed and exposed fully. Do YOU know two guys who are as close and act similarly to Larry Stylinson? The physical attraction and sexual tensions is clearly evident in the gifs below. If nothing else, these two are best friends who didn’t mind lending one another a… helping hand. Even if they did come out as gay or bisexual, do YOU think it would effect their fandom? Feel free to post counterarguments below — but don’t forget to think about the possibility that whatever counter you provide, it may be the doings of Modest Management. Whatever the case, their friendship is certainly not the same as it used to.

There are many interview slip-ups when they regard these rumors where Louis seems to do all the talking, could it be that Harry is a horrible liar and cant bring himself to deny the truth? The post will include gifs, interviews and tweets to demonstrate their affection for one another. The article will begin with a brief overview of the possible conspiracies painting Louis’ current girlfriend Eleanor, as a girl who is possibly in contract with Modest! Management. It should also be noted that Modest Management has been seriously cracking down on all twitters/tumblrs/stories written about Larry Stylinson and undermining Modest!/Eleanor. They have removed tweets and suspended multiple twitter and tumblr accounts. But HEY! You are witness to us publishing this story. To jump sections search (1) Gifs & Images, (2) Videos and (3) Tweets. FULL STORY UNDER (very image heavy, so it may take some time to load)

To briefly sum up, there are two major theories which say that Eleanor Calder, Louis’s current girlfriend, is nothing more than a girl on some sort of contract. All of the theories suggest that Eleanor is paid by or in some sort of contract with Modest! Management to act as a cover up/ to protect fans from knowing of Larry Stylinson. Each of the two theories tend to vary from here. Little is known about Eleanor in regard to her background, but fans have done some digging around thus coming up with these theories.

First, there are actually two Eleanors in order to accommodate “Eleanor’s” school schedule and so they would interchange. One is supposedly taller than the other, nose is slightly different as one has a larger bridge, differing hair lines, differing eyebrow thickness and spread. Regardless, this theory is often debunks as fake and paranoia as the picture people use to be ‘proof’ of this theory was discredited as the other girl was Danielle Peazer, Liam’s ex-gf.

Second, Eleanor is a billionaire’s daughter to a music mogul who works high up with Vibe Records. This record label has ties to Sony, Syco and Modest Management, thus was a convenient tie-in to have the music mogul’s daughter date a member in the rising boyband and just disguise her as a fan to provide other fans with hope — increasing sales, their allure, and such. Her father is Clive Calder and he has a son Keith Calder (33?) and a daughter (22) whose name was not provided. Some think her name is actually Christina Calder, nicknamed Tina — when some of her friends from ‘school’ wished her happy birthday regarding her as ‘Tina’. More in-depth analysis of this theory HERE.

Now onto the more obvious stuff.

(1) Gifs & Images
Let’s begin with gifs & images.

Harry jealous of Louis showing affection to Liam.

Looks like his answer was “pussy” lol.

They’re straight up holding hands?

What’s happening here? Grabbing his face…? and then…? Can’t find the video link anywhere.

This one is interesting because Larry actually does what he says & then tweets very romantic things.

Also, does Harry not like Eleanor for some reason? She has been pictured with everyone EXCEPT Harry (other than at the VMAs where she sat behind them).

Matching Tattoos

(2) Videos
Note: FF: 16:40, Liam says “It’s true” and why is Louis the only one addressing it as Harry stares awkwardly seemingly uncomfortable. Maybe reading too into it, but it’s definitely awkward. Also, Louis and Harry have not done an interview as a pair after this interview has aired.

This video is referred to as the Wellington video where a fan allegedly saw the two of them kiss. No one can seem to find the original video that the girl posted. There was also supposedly a clearer version which was also removed that was posted on someone’s facebook.

NOTE: Shortly after this incident in Wellington, it is 100% certain that the two of them (Harry & Louis) have been pictured together, alone, less than 5 times. This may be due to their management advising them or telling them NOT to or avoid doing it because it feeds Larry Stylinson. The only other time they are pictured together are for work, press and etc — but along with the rest of One Direction. The two of them used to be pictured hanging out all the time, but now its minimal.

This is a Larry Stylinson dedicated video with some outrageous parts reading way too into things, but has some valid points in some of the referenced interview segments:

(3) Tweets
Liam follows @LarryStylinson on Twitter lol. Also, Harry retweeted this:

Louis is super defensive over Harry too.

In this tweet, Louis replies to a fan who did not hashtag NOR reply/tag him in the tweet. Modest Management’s doing or is this him becoming super defensive?

Modest Management employee randomly tweets and then tries to defend herself:

Modest Management employee Katie Ray shadows Eleanour and Louis’s every move:

So there you have it, some of the puzzle pieces that make up a mystery big picture. I don’t know about you, but this seems like an awful lot of work on behalf of their management to stop something as harmless as a “ship” – a thing present in all fandoms (re: The Jonas Brothers / Teen Wolf / Star Trek / Harry Potter…etc.). After all, if Harry and Louis are just best pals, what is the big deal?

We can’t tell you what to believe or what’s really going on between these boys, after all, we are merely bloggers. However, if you use your brain and dig a little deeper too, the results may just surprise you.

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