Miley ‘I Love My Life’ + Little Mix Duet?


Miley Ray Cyrus will be performing at MTV Video Music Awards 2013!

Miley revealed on Twitter that she loves her life! Little Mix told Clevver TV that they want to work with Miley. Jesy: ‘She’s so sexy! We fancy her, we’ve got a girl crush on her.’ Leigh-Anne: ‘She’s amazing. Mix We Can’t Stop with a bit of DNA, see what happens there!’

Jesy: ‘We’re working on our new album at the moment, and that comes out in the UK about November-ish time. I would say that it’s definitely matured more, and it’s a bit more RnB.’ Perrie: ‘It’s still keeping the Little Mix sound, all the vocal harmonies, all of that. So we’re really excited about this album.’