Mimi, ‘I’m Shocked I Broke Up Jelena’


Sexy Justin Bieber sagged his pants with his bros at a concert. Milyn Jensen hooked up with Justin in December last year, after being introduced by his best friend, rapper Lil Twist. She told The Sun On Sunday: ‘I was absolutely shocked when I read he had split up with Selena over what we did. I hate being the girl that broke them up.’

Mim said Justin whisked her, her best friend and Twist off in his custom-design 4×4 to McDonald’s after meeting a nightclub in Los Angeles on the night of December 2. After buying her ‘some large fries’ and ‘two double cheeseburgers for himself’, the 19-year old allegedly drove them to a marijuana store then back to his $4.5 million LA home.

After a quick tour, Bieber allegedly took Jensen to the Beverly Hills Four Seasons hotel, where he had a luxury penthouse suite decked out with ‘white roses’ for their arrival.

‘He offered me a drink.. I’d only taken two sips before we started messing around. Suddenly we were kissing and I started to take off my clothes, it was a natural thing. Justin knew what he was doing like a man much older than his years. I felt like he’d had a lesson or two..

I’m a huge Selena fan and I’m on Team Selena! Anyone comparing me to her would be a compliment. I’ve gotten a few based on saying we look alike with our dark hair and skin!’

Justin Bieber is reportedly interested in buying Michael Jackson’s former home Neverland. His management apparently wants him to live somewhere quieter following a series of public bust-ups, including allegations of spitting on fans in recent months.

Three other ranches are said to be in the running, although Bieber wants to restore Neverland to its former glory since Jackson was his idol. The estate has fallen into disrepair since Jackson lost it in 2008 before his death a year later. A private equity firm bought the £15 million loan on which he defaulted and is now trying to sell it.