Selena To Emblem3 ‘Get Ready For Blast’

Selena Gomez will show her fans what she has been working two months to perfect: her Stars Dance World Tour. Her 56-city global tour on Wednesday and even though she’s been rehearsing her songs, wardrobe changes and lighting non-stop, there is one thing she admits she’s a bit nervous about come opening night.

‘I think the dancing is what I’m most nervous about because I’m such a perfectionist. And two of my best friends are actually on that stage with me that are dancers and have been dancing for years so I want to keep up with them and that’s been something that’s been challenging. It’s great and I feel like I’ve been working out, which I feel I need to do more of.’

Tour director: ‘She’s picked covers, really great covers. When you come see the show you’ll be very surprised to hear her sing some of the songs she’s going to sing. Her voice is so amazing on some of these songs. Even I was in shock on how amazing this girl’s voice is so it’s going to be a great show and it’s a lot of surprises in the show.’

Emblem3 on tour: ‘If you come to our show, honestly get ready to rock out ’cause we go hard. Like old-school, punk rock style music. So we kind of bring that onstage.. it’s funny because I think people expect more like a pop show. Then they come see us and we just end up rocking out really hard. Our band is all these old school rockers. It’s fun, super cool.’

On Selena: ‘We went to Disneyland and we hung out. We rented a party bus. It was really fun.’ Though he did note that Gomez relayed this message, ‘Get ready to have a freaking blast, best time ever.’

Selena posted on Instagran: ‘Met this little at the airport. Ended up on the same flight and gave her tickets to my show hehe I kinda like my job.’