Liam Payne Holds Hand W/ GF Sophia


Liam Payne walking with new girlfriend, Sophia. According to Facebook, Sophia went to school with Liam! Thx @JackieDS13! +Shirtless and soaking wet t-shirt pictures under!

Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, and Liam Payne went to Shamrock SocialClub tattoo parlor in Los Angeles on Saturday morning joined by Eleanor Calder and Liam’s parents, while Zayn and Louis got matching tattoos.

They both got the words ‘BUS 1′ inked on their skin. Zayn has the tattoo on his hand, and Louis got it on his forearm. They also got a tic-tac-toe board tattoo that matches; Zayn has it on his leg, and Louis also got it on his forearm, near his elbow, according to the website. Louis’ tic-tac-toe board has three red x’s across it.

‘BUS 1′ tatto symbolizes the boys’ home on tour, which is the tour bus that they travel around from show to show in. Zayn got another tattoo that matches a tattoo of his friend Alexander DeLeon, which says: ‘a pirate’s life for me.’ Alex: ‘bro tattoos w/ @zaynmalik. it’s a pirate’s life for us.’

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