Channel 4 1D ‘CRAZY’ Fan Documentary

Part 1 by 1dVideostagram

Part 2 by 1dVideostagram
Fans are extremely upset and in uproarafter Channel 4 in the UK made a documentary illustrating them as “crazy”! Part 3 and 4 are UNDER. Fan reaction tweets below from digitalspy! Channel 4 is now trending on Twitter because fans are livid for the negative light onto their fandom. They have also trended #ThisIsNotUs to publicly state that the Channel 4 documentary is entirely innacurate. Note the play on words as the One Direction documentary “This is Us” is about to premiere. So rude of Channel 4 tbqh… Poor fans! Let them be.

Part 3 by 1dVideostagram

Part 4 by 1dVideostagram