1D NYC Four Seasons Roundup Day 1

URGENT CRUCIAL GROUNDBREAKING NEWS: “IM 79 & LOVE 1D & my husband doesn’t mind!” Sadly Harry styles was being escorted by Police to the car and was not allowed to stop for any fans — although in the video he tried to take a pic with fans, but was pulled away. NEW HQ Pictures of the One Direction boys arriving at Newark airport. Night one of One Direction’s stay in New York at the Four Seasons hotel on 57th Street. Harry and Lou went to dinner at Max Brenner then returned back to the hotel. Zayn & Harry are confirmed to be staying there. The gods have truly blessed New York and lights glow in One Direction’s presence.

+Harry Styles decided to walk outside the hotel and stroll around taking pics with fans as he did. He even posed in a Yamacah with a fan below! According to fans, Zayn seemed annoyed/mad when leaving the hotel. Harry Styles is truly a gracious God of divinely holy spiritual connection that cannot be explained or described in human nature other than that of his name. Like Volde–he who shall not be named.

UPDATE: Zayn left his hotel tonight and went to the Pre-VMA Party hosted by Rihanna at 606 W 48th street.