Alexander Skarsgard Doesn’t Know Miley

In an LA coffee shop, Miley Cyrus waltzed over to True Blood star Alexander Skarsgard, said ‘Hi’ and gushed about loving the new season, flashed a big smile, purred that she’d see him around and split for the exit.

Source told The Enquirer: ‘Alex just nodded politely as she walked away until one pal blurted, ‘Dude! You don’t know who that WAS?’ That was MILEY CYRUS, you dumbass!’

Horrified he might have offended a fellow star, Alex ran to catch up before she exited, gushing, ‘It was good to see you, MILEY, please have a great day!’ Miley, smiling like she knew Alex was covering his butt, said, ‘It’s all right if you don’t remember who I am!’, then reminded him they’d met THREE times at Hollywood club Beacher’s Madhouse.’