Marlene ‘Bieber Took Sexy Pix W/ Me!’

Marlene @itsmarlenebabyy tracked Justin Bieber down to the LOLLY Music Video studio in downtown LA (between Providencia & Flower) last Thursday, August 15th. She and her cousins, @jdbcali (Maryann & Kristeen) decided to spend the day following Justin Bieber because it was their last days of summer and decided to be gutsy! The girls used prior knowledge of Justin encounters and instagram photos that Justin’s friends posted to find the location.

When they found Justin’s LOLLY music video studio, security turned them away saying it was for a bar mitzvah and dismissed them immediately. The boy’s whose ‘bar mitzvah’ it was told the girls to leave because it was private property and that he could not get them inside. They parked on the street of the building and waited for Bieby to show up. Shortly thereafter, he strolled up in his Ferrari along the rest of his crew playing loud music — Marlene and her friends rushed out of her car and said ‘Hi Justin!’ and Justin called them over. Bieber’s passenger Lil Za confiscated their phones so they wouldn’t record anything, then Justin played them songs off his new album! They danced to it and complimented him, when fans asked for pictures with him, he gladly got out of his car and took pictures with them! Marlene said, “I was like I want a really hot picture and we [Justin & I] took like 10 different pictures. Then I was like I believe one of your lines ‘Love Me Like You Do’ was written about me.. he’s like it was ;) hahaha so we just kept taking pictures and Maryann wanted a pic with lil za and he’s like no i dont want to be famous she was like you are already haha justin was like just take the fucking picture lmaooooo. So whatever we were all really happy and stuff and we said goodbye and stuff.” She really wanted to say, “Thank you so much Justin just for being such a chill idol. I love you!FULL LENGTHY JUSTIN FAN STORY UNDER! Thx @ItsMarlenebabyy!

Marlene starts off: “So Thursday morning on August 15, 2013 my cousin @jdbcali texted me saying “we need to go Bieber hunting today!! Are you down?!” I’ve never honestly searched for Justin unless I knew exactly where he was. I was like sure but where. Kinda iffy about it. She was like my mom said because its my last 2 days of summer I can do whatever I want and I want to see Justin today!

Exactly one year ago from August 15 was the day I took her to meet Justin for the first time at his rehearsal studio in LA back in 2012 so she thought it would be so cool if we met him again exactly one year later. When we found the address we freaked out I was kinda thinking it was too good to be true and doubted it. We looked and it didn’t give us an exact address all it showed were the street names surrounding it. It was in between Providencia & Flower. So what we did was searched up any places on those 2 streets and a security place came up so we used that for our navigation. So I literally got ready in 20 min my parents had no idea where I went I just left right away and went and picked up Maryann & Kristeen. We get to the area and looked for any building that had brick walls because in all the pictures the walls were all bricks. Mind you the area it was in was so dead and ghetto. I stopped my car on a random street and we walked from building to building and no luck. Then I decided to make this random turn and try one more street and if it didn’t work we were going to go home thinking they had already finished because some of the dancers posted that they left.

So we’re walking and we see a parking lot and it had a Range Rover in it (not Justin’s) but I was like guys come here there’s a range rover let’s see if there’s any other nice cars in this parking lot.. We went through the parking lot and found a ferrari parked in handicap and also a roles royce. We were like oh my God this has to be it!! So then we saw an entrance into the building.. we had no idea whether to just walk in or not because there was literally no one outside or in front or anything. We of course decided to be very ballsy and just walk right in.. as we were walking inside we heard Lolly playing and we were like omg this is it!! I can’t believe we found it!! Then right at the door this tall man was like can I help you? I was like hi.. he’s like yes what are you here for? I was like you know exactly what I’m here for. He was like no? We’re having a bar mitzvah right now.. We were like oh really you sure about that? And he turned around and pointed at this boy saying yeah it’s his birthday! The boy looked so confused… we were like that’s funny because we found out that this is the lolly music video shoot because of that little boy’s instagram. He was like OH MY GOD HOW THE FUCK DID YOU GUYS FIND OUT!!!!! and he was freaking out I was like don’t worry we’re not telling anyone and I’m trying to help you out and tell you how we found it and stuff. So he went and told him to delete his pictures and stuff. Then he was like well I’m sorry I can’t bring you girls in. You girls need to leave now because this is a private property so we were honestly being soo nice to them about it and just followed what they said and got off the property and my car was parked on the street.

We went and sat in my car for about 15 min then we saw this girl dancer walk out.. we ran up to her and asked, “hey is justin coming?” she was like “uhm im not sure if i can say… but i dont know ;))” and she nodded she hinted it to us. PS if you’re the dancer reading this thanks for your help! haha anyway then we went back to my car and that big security guy came outside standing on the street. We freaked out thinking he was coming to yell at us but he didn’t he was just waiting there. Then in my rear view mirror I see Justin’s matte black range rover coming and so im like guys get out!! I literally left my windows opened my purse inside and everything. As the car passes by we realized it was Ryan and Chaz not Justin. We still waved hi to them but they went and parked. So the security was like go back to your car I’m like we are.. Then literally as I’m walking to my car legit about to open my door I see a blue ferrari with tinted ass windows and I was like guys that’s Justin. We just stopped in front of my car and waved hi saying “hi justin!” We didn’t walk towards him because his security was so scary.

Justin had his windows closed and he was blasting some music. He pulled up right in front of us rolled down his window and was like come here guys! His security was like step away from his car and Justin was like nah man let them come. So we went anyway and he’s like hey guys what’s up. We were like hey!! Justin was driving and Lil Za was with him in the front seat. So he was like I want you guys to hear my new music I just recorded last night!! I was like I’m so down to hear them. Lil Za was like wait give me all your phones so that you guys don’t record them. So we gave them and Justin played them and they were amazinggg!!! We were all dancing and throughout the song justin’s like do you guys like it?! I was like yes wow damn bad ass. They’re honestly sooo good! Then after it finished I was like wow its amazing we kept complimenting him. Then he’s like really? thank you so much. So we thought that was it he’s like wait listen to this one too and he plays it and it was like slow but not too slow you know it was like such a sexy song and so we began dancing like sexy and stuff haha and I was like wow you sound like The Weekend, he’s like are you serious? thank you!! I was like yeah damn you went from ollg to this good shit. He’s like thank you thank you! Then he finished showing us them and I was like btw is heart breaker an album or a single? he’s like a single it’s not an album. I’m like wtf then hurry and release it!! Forget the soon stuff haha he’s like no I have to make you guys wait a little hahaha i was like omg and make an album sooon please!

anyway then I was like can you just do me a huge favor? He’s like whats up? I was like can you please take pictures with us so we can go home? It’s so hot and we’re dying for water haha he’s like of course why else do you think I’m getting out of my car right now. Did you think I really wouldn’t stop for you guys? So we walked up to him and I was like I miss you he was like aww why? I was like I haven’t seen you in so long. And so we took pictures and this guy driving by us –cause we blocked the street so he had to drive around us — he saw that it was justin so he snapped photos of us talking. And they got so pissed but anyway so with Justin I was like I want a really hot picture and we took like 10 different pictures. Then I was like I believe in Love Me Like You Do one of your lines were written about me.. he’s like it was ;) hahaha so we just kept taking pictures and Maryann wanted a pic with lil za and he’s like no i dont want to be famous she was like you are already haha justin was like just take the fucking picture lmaooooo. So whatever we were all really happy and stuff and we said goodbye and stuff.

I didn’t believe all of that had happened it felt too good to be true. So whatever we go to my friends house and decided to head out to the Americana to see Pattie.. We got there and so many fan girls came running up to us because they saw us all over twitter and stuff. Then we went in to see pattie and we did then we went back to the studio because my 23 yr old sister was so upset I didn’t take her. Anyway we got there and there were 3 other girls and I asked how they found the address she was like oh my step dad saw him he’s the one who took photos of you. So it was perfect. So we all waited and then we saw nick demoura leave. Then we saw Lil Twist.. He kept staring at us for like 10 min then came to us and rolled down his window and was like hey ladies.. I was like twistt wtf?! So we walked up to the window and legit the smell of weed attacked me basically. Him and the driver were both smoking a fat blunt in the front seat haha anyway so I was like puff puff pass bro he was like haha i cant then I asked what happened to twerk and he said miley basically bailed on him. He said “new exclusive news” and then whatever we just said bye and stuff. We also saw Nick Demoura leave then Brad was driving out we were like bye brad!! and then he stopped his car and was like oh you guys are here for tori kelly and madison beer? We were like yeah obviously hahaha and then he came out of his car and took pictures and stuff :) he was so sweet. Then we saw Maejorali leave in his ferrari and we said hi and took pictures with him as well. Then Justin was coming out in his car and he said hi and this mom basically jumped on the car yelling for Justin and lil za and justin were like ay slow down slow down.. and so he didn’t really stop for us at night but we understood and we were thankful I just only wanted my 23 year old sister to get a picture with him. He basically sped off.Then Ryan and Chaz drove off too and then so did Jacque or whatever her name was too drove off in her car. Over all it was one of the best experiences of my life!! I couldn’t have asked for a better time. Thank you so much Justin just for being such a chill idol. I love you! If you’d like to see pictures & stuff my instagram is- itsmarlenebabyy & twitter @itsmarlenebabyy follow me!”

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