BG: Blanda & Sister Leaking Demi Nudes?


UPDATE: Wilmer Valderrama and Kaja Eggenschwiler seen together on a VINE that Joe Jonas posted earlier this week while pretending to take a picture.

According to the most recent Blind Gossip, a five part series of very detailed claims and history, Blanda, along with Blanda’s sister and Wilmer are in cohoots to leak talented pop singer, Demi Lovato’s nude pictures that Radar Online reportedly knows are being shopped around. The story recounts the history of the young hollywood circle featuring: Demi Lovato (Poppy), Joe Jonas (Lucky), Nick Jonas (Flexy), Miley Cyrus (Twerky), Selena Gomez (Sassy), Taylor Swift (Clingy), Wilmer Valderama (Slimy), Harry Styles (Chappy), Justin Bieber (Pantsy), Blanda Eggenschwiler (Junkie), Blanda’s Sister -Kaja Eggenschwiler (Horrie).

To summarize, the story says that Blanda is a fame whore who wants to become famous, thus is dating Joe Jonas — and is actively looking to hook her sister up with a celebrity so she can become famous as well. It recounts all interactions of the 2013 Teen Choice Awards between all the young hollywood circle and says that Blanda was basically trying to befriend everyone the entire time and encouraging all of them to hang out altogether — Miley wasn’t down, Selena dismissed it and Demi declined cuz she was going to Africa. While she was away, Blanda hooked her sister up with Wilmer (BFF with Joe), and Blanda’s sister allegedly had sex multiple times with Wilmer last week. She was on his phone and encountered the nude photos, Blanda’s sister told Blanda and they came up with an elaborate plan to break up Wilmer and Demi by leaking the photos. This was all in Blanda and Blanda’s sister plan to become famous. The story ends saying the leaks will likely get leaked, and that fans and celebrities will be after Blanda, her sister and Wilmer — warning them to run and hide. Do YOU believe this Blind Gossip is real? Thx @StalkingOfStars!

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