Bridgit Mendler NYC Sultry Rocker

Bridgit Mendler looked super hot in a red jacket and black shorts as she performed in New York City, August 22nd! + Zach Sang Inteview Under!
Montgomery Media writes an article interviewing Disney starlet Bridgit Mendler: With such a prolific profile at the age of 20, Mendler has found success at nearly every turn. “Good Luck Charlie,” the Disney sitcom in which she stars, showcases both of her best talents as she also belts out the show’s theme song, “Hang in There Baby.” Not that it’s the first time Disney has realized what a talented young lady it has on its roster. Two years ago it was Mendler’s voice that could be heard throughout most of the Disney Channel movie “Lemonade Mouth,” and its corresponding soundtrack. And as she served as co-writer for her album “Hello My Name Is…,” it was obvious listeners were pleased to make her acquaintance when the debut CD dropped at number 30 on the Billboard 200 chart. The album’s first single “Ready or Not” is a certified platinum hit song. And all before her 21st birthday.

Imagining this article as a time capsule, she has a simple phrase to send to her future self. “Please make changes that stay true with who you are.” While navigating through busy Los Angeles traffic, Mendler mentions that staying true hasn’t been a problem so far, despite what people might think goes along with the territory of being a successful entertainer. “People sometimes ask if things have changed, but they really haven’t. I still feel so normal. I guess the one thing is sometimes people come up to me and ask for a picture or something, but it’s really a non-disturbance to what lifestyle I’ve really had since I first started working for Disney four years ago,” Mendler said.

Not that the impact of being a Disney star hasn’t hit her yet. Mendler is inundated with Twitter and Facebook messages every minute from young fans around the world who watch her every day on the Disney Channel. “[The cast] has really turned into a family,” she explained, “so to see other people respond to that family is so cool. They wind up knowing more about our family than we do just because there’s so many episodes, sometimes we forget. People are caring about the characters and what they say and do, which is really cool.”

On Aug. 29 at the Keswick Theatre, local followers of Mendler and her music will be in for a treat when she mixes the fan favorites from her album with covers from such artists she respects like Ellie Goulding and Neon Trees, but it’s JT whom she looks up to the most. “I really admire Justin Timberlake’s career. I think he’s done really great things with the opportunities that he’s had and I think he makes great music and he really chooses smart movie roles. And I love that he’s on ‘SNL’!” Maybe in time it’ll be Mendler shouting on NBC, “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!” If her devotion to songwriting, recording, performing live and acting isn’t enough of an indication of her passion, it’s obvious when she speaks candidly about what moves her as an artist.

“I think what’s probably most exciting for me is when things are creative,” she explained. “Whether that’s figuring out a character and how that character feels at any given moment or writing a song and trying to think up reality or lyrics.” For those attending her performance at the Keswick, fans are in store for a performance that’s equally special for Mendler. “I recently started playing the ‘ge-tar’ at my shows,” she laughed. “Hopefully that doesn’t spoil the surprise when I come to visit you guys, but that’s something I’ve always dreamed of doing during my show. It’s a weird dream, but I finally have done it onstage. I don’t know if I’m making a complete fool out of myself or what, but it’s fun. I enjoy it and I feel like a rock star.”

Mendler will be showcasing her range when she demonstrates her softer side musically. “We also have a little acoustic segment in the show, which is really fun to sort of change up the vibe and make it feel a little more intimate.” With all of her rising accomplishments, Mendler continues to raise the bar for her goals higher and higher. As she confidently declares in the chorus of her Top 40 International single, “Ready or not, here I come.” “The ultimate accomplishment for my music career would be to write one really special love song that kind of lives on. There’s no way that a story hasn’t been told before, but to write one that really hits it, a story that sticks with people, would be really cool. And for acting — I mean, I’d love to win an Oscar.”