Harry Styles Uses Makeup, Should Men?

The UK reporter Michael Hogan of the Guardian discusses men using make-up nowadays, most notably Harry Styles, and saying that it may be a turn of the century with more men using it than ever before, but not quite the social norm yet. Their article starts, “Keys, wallet, phone … concealer? Until this week, I was safe in the knowledge that my days as a New Romantic “dabbling” with my mum’s eyeliner were over. Makeup for men, after all, is for emo teens, your light entertainment telly presenters and Steve Tyler. Then pop squeal-magnet Harry Styles arrived at the premiere of the One Direction film, This Is Us, with what looked suspiciously like a lipsticked pout (because “What Makes You Beautiful”, it turns out, is a rose lippy). I’m not saying my pre-going-out pocket patdown has wobbled, but Styles is on GQ’s list of most stylish men. Is wearing a bit of guyliner and manscara officially going to become A Thing? Are Disney poppet Zac Efron and X Factor’s Rylan Clark pioneers?

Nah, reckons Guardian beauty columnist Sali Hughes. “Every few years there are claims it will be the next big thing, but it’s broadly confined to celebrities and specific style tribes.” Still, the UK male skincare market is worth more than £600m and, next month, Tom Ford launches a male cosmetic range including bronzer and eye treatment. Anecdotally, beauty counters see men happy to use skin-smoothing primers and tinted moisturizers.

Perish the thought that such products should be marketed as girly “makeup”. Instead, they’re sold as a scientific skincare/cosmetic hybrid that will enable a smooth shave (because you’re butch and hairy) or stop you looking hungover (because you’ve been down the pub like a proper lad). As long as they’re invisible and your mates won’t take the mick, fine. For further acceptability, they’ll invariably be called “Camouflage”, “Xtreme Sport” or “Facial Fuel”, and designed to look like Halford’s engine oil. So do real men wear makeup? Pre-teen sex pixie Styles is one thing. When that other Harry, the ginger prince, starts trowelling on the slap, we’ll know it’s time to reach for the powder puff.
Would YOU want to see your boyfriend using makeup? Some say, if a girl can put makeup on to look her best, why shouldn’t a guy want to look his best for his girl? Sound off in the comments! HD pix UNDER! Their hair and makeup artist Lou interviewed with Teen Vogue and tells how she does the boys’ hair and makeup – interview UNDER!

How long have you been working with One Direction?
They had just finished X Factor, and I went on tour with them to do their hair and makeup every day for two months, then stayed with them after that. Now I go on tour with them all over the world. I do their hair and makeup, I cut their hair—I do everything!

What’s it like to tour with them?
It’s really great. Everyone on the team—vocal coach, management, stylist, and me—has been together since we first started. We’re friends. It’s a nice world.

As a groomer, how do you keep the boys from looking too groomed?
I put as little makeup as possible on them. Sometimes boys like a plucked brow, but I refuse to do that. They need to look like me, not girls. If you start grooming eyebrows or putting on too much makeup, they start looking feminine.

Who’s the most adventurous when it comes to beauty?
Zayn’s the craziest about hair. He lets me do whatever I want, which is why he has the best hair! They should all do that, but they don’t. Harry’s hair has been the same since the day I met him. He’ll never let me cut it. He lets me give him a bit more of a coiff and pull it away from his face. He wears hats a lot now, too. Most of the boys are really great about accessorizing themselves, and they’re really good at knowing what their own style is. They look so cool in what they just put on themselves, and they all have their own little thing going on. They’re cool guys, so it doesn’t take a lot to make them look cool.

What was the inspiration for the September cover shoot, as far as hair goes?
The stylist dressed them in leather trousers and knit jumpers and because the clothes were punky, I went with that for the hair, too—Zayn’s hair was in a mohawk!

What kind of music did the boys play on the shoot?

The music is my laptop— they all put music on my iTunes—so it’s my responsibility to set up music before we start anything. We listen to rock bands, and Eminem—they love it. We all know all the words…it’s embarrassing. But they like good music!