Liam Payne Recorded Drunk w/Miguel

Liam Payne of One Direction revealed to The Sun that he got “really, really drunk” in the recording studio after meeting singer Miguel. He added, “But as for the song, I want to try and give it to someone because I think it’s a really good dance song.” Do YOU think the Liam would be a good solo artist? Despite recording it drunk, Payne confesses, “Don’t worry, I’ve listened to it sober.” The boyband member is currently dating Sophia Smith, a girl from his highschool.

Liam also said that he is no longer the “Gary Barlow of One Direction” as Liam has often been described as the sensible member of the group, with comparisons to the Take That frontman. But he has now shaken off that label, “Let’s just say I haven’t been keeping up the Gary Barlow persona, I’ve let loose. It’s a new dawn for Liam. I’m having a laugh now. I’ve let loose in the sense that I haven’t got that much to worry about any more.” via DigitalSpy