1D NYC Press Day & Pictures Roundup


URGENT CRUCIAL UPDATE: Please seek oxygen as the extremely shirtless nude bare chested perfect flawless ultimate god of sexual virginity and purity, Harry Styles, blesses the world today and parts the red sea for the second time posing shirtless with a fan who interviewed him during NYC press day. Currently mentally unstable and in need of air

One Direction was delivered by the heavens to grace the grounds of the concrete jungle called New York City. In their interview with Takes With Jakes, One Direction says that if you want to be noticed by them, you should be on the news, be casual and ask them about their day or have a witty poster! WHEN HARRY STYLES GETS TRANSFIXED ON PEOPLES FACES… #icant Mainly Louis lol… but in this case the reporter.

Harry Styles was mobbed outside the Rolex store and then the security FORCED Harry into an escalade while he was trying to take pics with fans. He tried to roll down the window and then the security yelled, “NO,” at him. Harry also went to YSL on 5th AVE where he got bombarded.

NOTE: Will be updated periodically as more interviews are posted! SPIN Interview added under from UK.