Lindsay Lohan HBO Series Highschool Role?

The Mean Girls legendary recovering drug addict and ex-teen queenLindsay Lohan has been offered to star in a HBO series about highschool by Danny McBride. The two met on set while filming ‘Eastbound & Down” and Danny confronted her about bringing her talents to a new HBO series, according to TMZ. Danny was so impressed with her work he had several serious talks with her on set about a new show. He wants her to star in it.

TMZ continued saying: “We’re told the show is being developed by McBride and his producing partner Jody Hill. It will be in the same comedic vein as “Eastbound” … but revolve around a high school. Our sources say Lindsay loves the idea and is hoping it works out.Would YOU like to see Lindsay on TV back in a highschool setting? so excited tbqh and can’t even handle, praying the gods bless us with her sassy self circa mean girls