Fan Response To Liam Regarding #Done

A One Direction fan, Rocio, responds to One Direction member, Liam Payne‘s angry and agitated tweet “#Done.” The emotional, deep and tear jerking video seeks to demonstrate exactly what fans endure, go through and the thought process behind their fandom and their love for the One Direction band members. Hopefully Liam Payne will see this and realize that his words do hurt the fandom. We at support this video & its message. Profound.Done is loving someone so bad and knowing that he will never be yours… I’m Sorry for caring too much. I’m sorry for even thinking I had a chance.” Thx @Rooociioo & @iStylesArmy! But this actually made me tear… the drama

UPDATE: Rocio, @Rooociioo, was inspired to write this story partly due to her own fan experience where Liam ignored her and the other 20 fans outside his hotel in Madrid, after traveling there from over 600 miles away. Meanwhile, Niall was also there acknowledged the fans and came back to take pictures with them. Liam just left in the tour bus. FULL Story Under!

This is my fan experience so you guys may understand why I made this video since part of it it’s due to this story. We decided to start camping outside the arena 18 days before the concert, which was the 24th of May in Madrid. It was a bit crazy because it was too early but somehow we didn’t think twice. We wanted to be the closest as possible to them. If we wanted that, we needed to take the risk of sleeping on the street for 18 days. Nights were hard sleeping in the street. it was dangerous for us to be there but we knew it would be worth it. The concert ended and I went to my friend’s house, after sleeping 2 hours me and my 2 friends were up and ready to go out. It was 6am. Even though we were so tired we really wanted to meet them, because it was our only chance since they were in town. We found out they were staying in other city so it took us hours and lots of money to get there. And we did, 6 hours later we arrived. I mean, it was our only chance. Next day, they would be gone.

It was like 40 degrees and the hotel was in the middle of nowhere. We hadn’t drunk or eaten anything since 6am. The best thing? There were only like 20 fans outside the hotel. Some of them had slept there even. We found a place where we could stalk the pool. Liam and Niall were there. Me and my two friends called them and Niall was so nice waving at us, smiling at us, just being adorable with us. 5 minutes later, Liam left the pool and went to his room. we went back to the Hotel’s principal door. It felt like it was 50 degrees then. When I was feeling like fainting, A man stopped his car behind us, I dont know where he came from or who he was but he gave us 2 bottles of watter. After 8 hours gettin sunburnt, I could drink. But none of my friends could. All of the sudden, Niall came out and promised to take pictures with every single one of us. i remember telling him that it was really really hot. And my friend telling him that she needed water. Niall was so nice and took pictures and signed everything we gave him.

And then we saw him. Liam was hidden behind the bus, while Niall was with us, taking our attention, Liam was getting into the bus. But we saw him. And he saw us.I just wonder how couldnt he just say hi knowing it was hot and that we were less than 30 fans. And that we had been there waiting for hours. We didn’t scream, we didn’t sing. We were all quite and calm. Niall told us that they are allowed to meet fans. So we didn’t understand why Liam didn’t want to meet us. When the buses were leaving, Niall was the only one waving at us. It was sad that we didn’t even get a goodbye. I had even spent all my money on that. I was 600 miles away from home and I just hadn’t any money left. We went back to Madrid because we had tickets for the concert that night too. We got there a bit late but anyways. When me and my friends got home all we got was hate. We were called names… and still are. Why? Well, just because we tried hard and we got it. We have even received threats for the next WWAT.. But do you really think Im gonna spend my time on people like these? I could be done. But I’m not at all.

With this, I want to say that sometimes we’re also disappointed and that it’s not always easy. But we never ever blame on them, we still want to go out again and try to meet them. PS: I love One Direction very much.