Liam’s Response ‘Paparazzi’s To Blame!’


Liam Payne took to Twitter to combat and confront fans saying that he’s rude and not stopping for fans, “Well… these past few days have been a bit of a complicated venture, how is everyone? Those of you who stuck with me id like to say a big thank you im just a normal guy this isn’t easy and we are all still learning everyday. For those who you who have doubted me and now turn to hate id like to say one thing… I am batman’ After making a laugh of it, he got down to some serious talk, ‘As for @Stupidfamous id rather be a stupidfamousperson than an ugly bald guy who follows teenagers with a camera, get a proper job you creep. @Stupidfamous just so you guys know this guy is usually the main reason we rant allowed to stop for fans you want someone to blame…’

If you’re wondering who @Stupidfamous is, it’s the paparazzi that is following the guys around NYC taking video of them. HERE HERE & HERE

UPDATE: One Direction Seating at MTV’s VMAS behind Rihanna and Drake!