Taylor Swift VMA ‘Shut The F*ck Up 1D’

The good girl and that vindictive hollywood ex-girlfriend, Taylor Swift tells One Direction “Shut The Fuck Up” when they were thanking the best fans ever in New York. Video HERE. Right after that, they announced Selena Gomez winning the award. Also, when Taylor Swift accepted her award, she threw shade towards Harry Styles way, saying ‘Thank you to the guy who this song is about cuz now I have this award.’ Niall Horan then looked to Louis and said, “Horrible, I fucking told ya” while Harry grinned slightly and shrugged the shade off (gif above). Y’all better watch out… Taylena will come after YOU next. Bringing in the new Hollywood Mean Girls. “She’s fabulous but she’s evil” as Damian would put it.

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