Ariana Grande ‘Twitter Makes Me Cry’

Ariana Grande revealed to BOP! that she will start crying after reading your Twitter comments: ‘A lot of what my fans tweet me is very, very personal. Ariana checks her Twitter every single day, multiple times: ‘I try to respond to as many people as I can. I follow people back, too. Somtimes, they’ll say thing like, ‘My mom is dealing with cancer.’

When a fan tweets me something so personal, it gets to me. I send love and prayers to them. I’m very flattered my fans feel like they can open up to me about things like that. I’ll never not respond to fans. I even read tweets with my mom. We cry about some of them together! I love anyone who is supportive. I love my fans for being so sweet.’

NOTE: Ariana’s Instagram was HACKED! She’ll perform NYC at Today Show Sept 3!