Harry Styles ‘I’m Single’ + 1D Nightline BTS

Nightline is featured One Direction‘s preparation before the VMAs last night. UNDER is a video of Liam Payne explaining his new tattoo which reveals new lyrics to a new 1D song! Full episode HERE + Ryan Seacrest Interview where Harry Styles reveals he’s single and they talk about Zayn’s engagement and wedding. + New FUN Brazilian interview where Niall and Harry play with instruments + Alexa Chung FUSE Interview Under

+ One Direction left JFK Airport today new pix & hotel meeting pix from last night from when Harry Styles returned to his hotel at 5AM tipsy and happy, but then was mobbed by paparazzi and fans causing him to run away and flee to his hotel. Full fan story under!

This morning 5AM EST when Harry Styles returned to his NYC hotel: “Around 9 pm Harry drove out of the hotel and rolled the window down and said he promised he’d come out when he got back if we were all behind the barricade. Everyone there agreed to be really calm and cool and chill with him, but somehow word got out to a certain paparazzi and his little crew so they all showed up. We tried to ask them to come behind it with us but they refused. Finally around 5 fuckin am Harry shows up and even though he was definitely tipsy and tired he came out with a big smile on his face. Immediately he was mobbed. He continuously asked girls to get behind the barricade and he tried to laugh or off but they all completely ignored him. He was pushed and pulled and yelled at and flashes were everywhere but he kept fuckin going. SO MANY TIMES he asked people to please back up and give him room but he was surrounded. Finally you could just tell he was done and he ducked down, covered his head, and ran. Girls chased him into the garage and were grabbing his arm and it was disgusting and ridiculous but he didn’t stop smiling ONCE. This fuckin angel tries so hard to make us happy and we repay him by making him miserable. I’m so mad and I can’t stop crying and it’s not even cause I didn’t get a picture, it’s because of how he was treated.”