Harry Styles, ‘Miley Cyrus Is Quite Shy’

Harry Styles joked about Miley Cyrus’ VMA performace: ‘It was very reserved. I think she’s quite shy and it’s about time she came out of her shell a bit. Louis Tomlinson: ‘We were shocked by how much coverage there was. I think she was shocked. I don’t think she knew she would get so much attention from it. It’s family friendly.’ Liam: ‘It was very nice. It was cute.. timid.’ Niall: ‘I don’t know why everyone’s talking about it.’ Harry: ‘You can sit and watch with your kids and your grandma.”’

@jocelyn1212 what was the last prank that they did? Niall Horan: We’re not the kind of pranky kind of band. We don’t pull pranks on each other, do we really? It’s kind of a bit like everyone around us gets pranked. Liam Payne: We had a big water fight and I threw cereal at one of our band members onstage; that was a bit of a prank.

@CalumIsRuggedd: Will you ask them their favorite songs as of right now?? Harry Styles: My favorite song is ‘Flowers In The Window’ by Travis. Niall: I’m gonna go with Maroon 5’s new one [‘Love Somebody’]. Zayn Malik: Favorite song of the moment is [Migos’ ‘Versace’]. ‘Versace, Versace, Versace, Versace.’ Liam: I’m gonna go with Drake ‘Hold On.’

@jocelyn1212 if You Could Be Bestfriends/ Sidekick With A Superhero. who would it be and why? Harry: I would pick Superman. Then actually, no I wouldn’t. If you were best mates with Superman, you’d always be Superman’s best mate. You could be like a really nice guy and they’d be like ‘Well he’s Superman so go on.’ But you could fly around. It’s bittersweet being best friends with Superman.

Niall: I’d pick the Hulk. Liam: I think it’s going to Iron Man ’cause he’s just got that swagger about him and you know he’d be fun to be around. Maybe he’d let you try the suit on, who knows? Louis Tomlinson: And you’d just want to go around to his house. Iron Man it is. Zayn: I’d want to chill with Hulk, maybe get his power a little bit as well. 1D interview ROUNDUP under!