Zayn Malik Skype Sex W/ Perrie Edwards?

The UK Metro revealed in a recent interview with One Direction, that Zayn Malik may be having cybersex with his fiance Perrie Edwards! The article reads, keeping a relationship alive is tricky business when you’re one-fifth of the biggest boyband of all time. Zayn Malik thanks technology for keeping things steamy with Little Mix fiancée Perrie Edwards. The Little Things singer settles for Skype dates with 20-year-old Perrie when they are driven apart by their hectic work schedules.

Zayn says, ‘I think she’s coming back as I leave,’ the 20-year-old said as the group prepared to continue their Take Me Home world tour, while Little Mix are out performing in the USA. ‘We miss each other… We’ve got Skype as well. That helps,’ he said – much to the amusement of bandmates Louis Tomlinson, 21, and Liam Payne, 19. ‘All right!’ Louis said with a stifled laugh after Zayn hinted his Skype activity may keep his love life with Perrie spicy. And Liam said: ‘I don’t wanna know what you’re doing in your personal time!’ Zayn and Perrie met when both found fame on The X Factor.

While the couple are looking to make their love permanent by tying the knot, Zayn already made a permanent declaration of his affections in June by getting a cartoon image of his future wife tattooed on his arm. The Bradford lad says he loves to use his downtime between gigs to add to his body art – but refused to say if he would get more in honour of Perrie. ‘Our manager is going to draw a graph comparing the correlation of time off with getting more tattoos,’ he said. ‘It will go up.’


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