1D ‘Niall Most Likely To Date A Fan’ + Diet

The latest UK boyband sensation and incredibly attractive perfect errorless individuals, One Direction tell Popsugar who would most likely date a fan and many other fun questions in the interview above. They also revealed their diet tips to the Daily Star.

The wonder behind their sexual allure and amazing bodies plus dieting habits are as so: They have ditched unhealthy snacks like McDonalds, Haribo and Coke in favour of healthy smoothies and water. According to the Daily Star, the boys have also limited their intake of carbs, only eating them when energy is needed for performances.

Liam’s favourite food is Steak and vegetables and he also enjoys protein shakes, whilst Harry Styles likes Mexican and Chinese foods. Zayn enjoys spice Chicken, whilst Niall is more down to earth with his favourite food sausage and mash, although he’s careful not to over indulge. Louis likes to eat Special K cereal washed down with a cup of tea.

To compliment their diet, the lads undertake boxercise and circuit training, and they also enjoy weightlifting. Whilst in the US this week, they’ve been joined by their personal trainer at a cost of over £10,000. A source tells the Daily Star that 1D don’t want to become beefcakes but do want to hone their six packs.

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