Austin Mahone Selena Gomez Embracing


austinmahone Good to see you the other night! @SelenaGomez

NEW Selena interviews under! Selena wanted to be a ‘badass’ in The Getaway. Selena told E! News about VMAs: ‘I had Taylor Swift, my cousin actually visited me, so it was good that I had her with me. It was cool that it was actually in New York because it’s never been in New York and to win it in New York was great so I was excited. I mean, completely. I lost my mind.

I also actually loved Lady Gaga’s performance, I thought it was very artsy, very cool. I was impressed, I loved it. I mean, obviously it’s her, though. She’s great. I mean, Drake’s always nice to look at so that was nice. Other than that, I was just sitting with my cousin like, ‘When am I gonna be able to go to sleep because I’m exhausted!’

Did Taylor say: ‘Shut the f–k up’ to Selena while ex-Harry Styles took the stage? ‘Why don’t you ask Taylor, I’m gonna stick up for my best friend. Don’t try that with me.’