Kelly Clarkson ‘Thank God Selena Exists’


Kelly Clarkson bashed slutty pitchy stipper Miley Cyrus last night and PRAISED Goddess Selena Gomez on Twitter: ‘Dear Selena Gomez, you are by far one of the most beautiful, sexy, classy things on this planet. #Goddidgood #texasgirls’

Did Taylor Swift really say ‘Shut The F*ck Up’ to Selena Gomez when Harry Styles took the stage for the MTV Video Music Awards? Selena reprimanded a reporter who asked what Swift said at the premiere of The Getaway: ‘Don’t try that with me. I think girls need to be more supportive of each other.

I definitely agree with that. I’m all about that. Taylor has been one of those girls. We have been friends for five years. She is very strong. She doesn’t care what people think and she inspires me.

So I am watching the beautiful boys, One Direction who are not bad to look at, then they said my name. I looked at Taylor.. it was surreal. Because I do put so much work into my music. There’s so much talk of everything. But I did put my heart and soul into it so I was really excited. It was great.’

Selena also dished, ‘Logan used to be my crush, now it’s George Clooney!’

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