Nick Jonas Church W/ Olivia Culpo Family


Nick Jonas‘ relationship with Miss Universe Olivia Culpo is growing very strong in the strength of the Lord Jesus Christ and God. Olivia’s mom Susan Culpo told Celebuzz: ‘He actually came to church with us on Sunday! It may seem a bit unusual, but not to him.

He’s a fine kid. He’s only 20, so I call him a kid. We had such a great time.’ Last weekend Nick mets Olivia’s parents and stayed overnight in their home: ‘They stayed in our house. And they went to the zoo and to our favorite restaurant Twin Oaks. They were only here for two days so it was a short trip. Olivia’s only 21 and he’s 20, so they’re very young. But he’s a fine young man.

I think she’s having fun. They’re just getting to know each other. They’re in the beginning stages. So who knows where it goes from here. But they are interested in each other and definitely like each other. Good taste on Olivia’s part.’

Providence Journal article via @hotdamnmiley.

+ @boopsy429 w/ Nolivia yesterday! NEW Joick Instagram video under!