OCEANUP Five Year Fan Art Free Contest


OCEANUP Five Year Fan Art Free For All Contest has begun! OCEANUP.com was started in September 2007 to celebrate 5 years online we are having our biggest FAN ART contest ever to coincide with relaunch of OCEANUP.com..

..on a faster platform in October 2013. The FREE FOR ALL theme means you can submit ANYTHING YOU WOULD LIKE, you just need to put ‘OCEANUP’ or ‘OCEANUP.com’ somewhere in the FAN ART.

RULES: No MORE than 2 entries per person. Try to submit your entry between 400 & 800 pixels in width. It must be PG-13 rated with no full on nudity. Limited vulgar language. Include the word ‘OCEANUP’ or ‘OCEANUP.com’.

Entries must be submitted to oceanupfanart@ gmail.com by Oct. 31. Voting will go up on the ‘Top 30′ entries after the new site launches in early October 2013. Prizes: TOP 3 will receive an Amazon Gift Card, 1st prize: $100, 2nd prize $50 & 3rd prize $25. Good luck! <3