Selena Gomez The Getaway REVIEWS

The Getaway. The Hollywod Reporter: The Bottom Line – Brainless chase flick doesn’t even offer guilty pleasures. Babyfaced Gomez is completely out of place as the tough-little-rich-kid, though she does earn the film’s biggest laugh.. She and Hawke have no chemistry.

Chicago Tribune: So mechanical and derivative, not even the abducted-spouse routine can stoke the audience’s rooting interests. CraveOnline: Some of the car crashes are incredible, but what actually made them crash is left all too often to our imaginations. More reviews HERE!

Toronto Star: ‘The only real benefit of Getaway is pointing out the likely winners of the next Razzie Award for Worst Screen Couple. Come on down, Hawke and Gomez, you certainly deserve it.’

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NOTE: Warner Bros. caught promoting The Getaway on Reddit!