Taylor Swift Tim McGraw Cheat On Faith?


Tim McGraw has cheated on his wife Faith Hill with Taylor Swift, according to The Enquirer: ‘The couple’s life has turned into a battlefield, and now Tim is threatening to walk for good.’ The $135 million divorce will happen 16-years of marriage and suspected infidelities.

Tim feels imprisoned by a de­manding, controlling wife who’s forced him to give the boot to his longtime buddies and even put his beloved 750-acre Nashville-area ranch up for sale. Faith is outrage by his roving eye and especially fears his tight friendship with seductive young country star rival Taylor Swift, who’s half her age. Tim once raged at Faith: ‘I’m treated like a dog!’

Source: ‘He feels he needs to stand up for himself and get his manhood back. He feels like Faith has a leash around his neck, and he wants out of her prison! Taylor Swift is Faith’s biggest worry. Tim keeps telling Faith there’s nothing to it, but Faith doesn’t believe him. Taylor is just 23 and gorgeous, and Faith sees her as the biggest threat to her marriage.’

Do YOU think the story is true? Enquirer broke John Edwards cheating story!