Selena ‘Couldn’t Afford Abercrombie As Kid’


Selena Gomez Showbiz Cafe: Working with big actors like Ethan Hawke and James Franco was there ever a star struck moment for you? SG: I think it was more of a nervous feeling. Obviously I’ve seen both of them do a lot of incredible roles and they have a lot of credibility to their name, so if anything I was ready just to learn and be wide-eyed looking at them the entire time. They were both very different to work with which was great; it was like an acting class. I appreciate it and I’ve been lucky because the people that I’ve been working with have been amazing so I’m happy that they’ve been really great to me and sweet.

SBC: Do you speak Spanish at home, are you good at it and how important is it for you to know it and speak it as part of your Mexican heritage and culture? SG: Actually, it’s a shame because I should know it better than I do. I don’t know it very well because my dad’s side of the family, which is the Mexican side, they are in Texas and I’m always traveling and I’m working so it’s very hard for me to stay communicated.. but I do wish I could buckle down and I want to actually learn it and be completely fluent, that’s probably on my bucket list.

SBC: You do speak it? SG: A little bit yes. I can understand it, I can understand a whole conversation it would just be hard for me to piece the response back. SBC: Who would you say is your favorite Latin performer? SG: Paulina Rubio, she is so beautiful, and I actually have some of her music, I don’t understand what she says but I’m like: ‘This is great!’

SBC: And Kmart what are you doing with them? SG: I have a clothing line in Kmart and it is really fun because I wanted to make a line that was affordable and comfortable for my fans. When I grew up I wanted to wear Abercrombie & Fitch and I couldn’t afford it because their shirts are like $40 so I never felt cool … so I wanted to make something that no matter who you are, my mom even wears some of my t-shirts, they’re just comfortable cute pieces of clothing and I’ve been working on it and it just keeps getting better and better so it’s been fun.

You have a very large teen fan base/following and that means you are a big role model for teen girls. Has that privilege ever weighed on you and do you feel a heavy sense of obligation to choose roles, even music for that matter, that reflects the responsibilities of such?

SG: Sure, I think so and it’s not a bad thing, I still allow myself to be a part of things that I love [like] ‘Spring Breakers’ which was definitely rated R, and [‘Getaway’] which is definitely a little different and edgier. I keep that [sense of responsibility] when I make decisions, but more than anything I’m an adult, I’m growing up, I have to experience life and if I just continue to be the best I can be just for who I am, I think it will be fine. We are all human, I’m not perfect I make mistakes, but I try to keep those mistakes to myself.

SBC: You scheduled a whole bunch of performances and you do have a performance coming up in Madrid. Do you plan on translating any of your songs into Spanish? SG: I’ve done that with all my records so we probably will do one of my songs in Spanish because we like to do that. We did that for South America one time, so yeah we probably will do something fun, I think so. It’s a great way to communicate and music is a universal language.

SBC: Who inspires you as a designer? SG: Originally it was my show [‘Wizards of Waverly Place’] because my character dressed in really cute, fun, layering outfits and I loved that. I keep my line pretty conservative because it can go either way you can dress it up or dress it down. Overall, I just wanted to make it a really clean, beautiful line.

SBC: If there was any film that you could remake and star in, which one would you choose? SG: I would actually really like to be in ‘Girl Interrupted’ and I would I would choose Angelina Jolie‘s role.