Harry Styles, ‘I Might Bleach My Hair Blond’


Niall Horan told We Love Pop about whether someone will replace him at One Direction’s ‘blond’ singer: ‘Well, we were talking to Tom Felton about this but he said he’s not up for doing it.’ Harry agreed: ‘Nope. But, I might bleach my hair. Yeah, I’ll go blonde.’

Niall: ‘Can you think of any actors who would be good to replace me though? When I first went on the X Factor I had really bleached hair and though I looked like Eminem. But when it got longer and I had to have it slicked back everyone called me Draco Malfoy, so I guess Tom really would be it.’

Do YOU think Harry would look good as a blonde? 1D: This Is Us DVD will be released on December 31, 2013 in USA according to Wal-Mart. You can pre-order HERE. Thx @NessUHx3! Kathryn and Mallory blindfolded interviewwith One Direction & more under!

  • teigan lauber

    i dont know why im doing this but um do you guys know one direction because if you do then i am going to get really upset because i love one direction do you know who i love i love niall horan.

  • teigan lauber

    Ariana Grande is really awesome becaue her song problem.