One Direction This IS US #2 Box Office + Louis Tomlinson ‘Niall’s Best Kisser In 1D’


+ Niall at Lady Gaga concert, Liam with fans & Danielle like Sophia pic.

Labor Day Weekend movie chart via Box Office Mojo. Niall Horan has been named as the best kisser in One Direction by Louis Tomlinson who picked Niall over Harry Styles. He told We Love Pop: ‘Niall’s the best kisser in the band!’

Niall pointed out: ‘Dunno. I’ve never kissed myself.’ Liam told Capital FM: ‘Niall Horan’s actually a secret ladies’ man, he gets about bless him. He’s just too cute so you don’t see it coming.’ On Niall being caugh ‘in action,’ at Virgin Media’s V Festival: ‘That’s another story for another day.’