Miley Cyrus Blamed For MOLLY Deaths?

Should Miley Ray Cyrus be partially blamed for the recent youth deaths caused from ‘Molly’ overdoses because she glamorizes it’s usage? Ecstasy also known as ‘Molly’ as praised in Miley’s song ‘We Can’t Stop’ is being blamed for two deaths at a New York City dance festival this holiday weekend, forcing an early end to the event.

Promoters shut down New York’s multi-day Electric Zoo music festival after the deaths of two young people. Police told ABC 20-year-old Olivia Rotondo and 23-year-old Jeffery Russ died after taking Molly. Four others are in critical condition. Molly, short for molecule, is supposed to be the purest form of MDMA, the main ingredient in Ecstasy.

‘It raises your body temperature, your heart rate goes up, your blood pressure goes up, and so it does make you more prone to heat stroke. Molly is a dangerous drug. It could have other amphetamines in it, it could cause you to overdose, and that may well have been the case in these deaths in recent days.

Some law enforcement officials also said Molly is so dangerous because the people who take it tend to be recreational users and so they are more naive about its dangers.

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