Demi Lovato ‘I’m Proud To Play Lesbian’


Demi Lovato told Ryan Seacrest about playingSantana’s love interest on Glee: ‘I don’t want people to take from this, ‘Oh my god, Demi is kissing a girl,’ I want people to take from it [that] this is actually an incredible step in our generation today where I’m able to play a young lesbian on primetime TV. I’m honored to be able to be hopefully inspiring people with my character to be who they are and not be afraid of it or ashamed.

It’s been awesome. [Naya and I] had our first episode together this last week and I’m good friends with a lot of the cast members already, so it was like walking into a giant hang-out.’

Demi will be playing Dani, a New York friend of Rachel’s (Lea Michele) who falls for Santana. Naya: ‘There are very few ethnic LGBT characters on television, so I am honored to represent them. I love supporting this cause, but it’s a big responsibility, and sometimes it’s a lot of pressure on me.’

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Demi got a goat for her birthday: ‘There was this huge celebration for my birthday and I didn’t know it was going on. People were just taking my hand and dancing.. and all of a sudden they put a goat in my arms and it wasn’t like a baby goat, it was a nice-sized goat. They’re like, ‘It’s for you!’ and I was like, ‘Oh my God! I’ve got a goat!” On dating Wilmer:

‘I share so much with the world that I like to keep some things private and it’s something I don’t want to talk about. You can do whatever you want. You can be seen holding hands. You can be seen wherever, but it doesn’t mean you have to talk about it or acknowledge it because it opens up a can of worms. He is an incredible human being and I am honoured to have him in my life.’