Demi Lovato Jimmy Fallon JOYFUL

I’m sorry guys!!!!!! I just don’t want t get their feet run over!!!! Love y’all..

MIX 96.1 pix HERE! More Jimmy pix HERE via @lovanas.

UPDATED w/ interview under: ‘The day before I left for Africa I had the day off and I was going to pack and get all my errands done, and then my manager called and said [Ryan] Murphy wants to meet with you. It was so close because had I left one day after I wouldn’t have gotten to meet Ryan, and they started shooting two days after I got back. So while I was in Africa,

Contracts were signed and deals were done, and then I land and I go straight to work. It was awesome. I’ve met Ryan before, he’s amazing and the cast is amazing. I’ve been friends with some of the cast members for a long time now, so it’s pretty awesome to get to work with my friends.’