Nick Jonas Olivia Culpo ‘Getting Serious’


Will Nick Jonas ask Miss Universe girlfriend Olivia Culpo to marry him? Source told E!: ‘They’re pretty much inseparable. They’re together all the time, unless she has a Miss Universe event. I don’t know if Nick was joking, but she really wants a new puppy. He suggested, ‘Well, maybe we should get one together.’

They clicked, they understand each other’s schedules. Olivia is pretty much confirmed to go on tour with him. He’s buying her ticket. She has a few events, but she is going to go to as many shows as possible.

He got along perfect with her brother and he clicked right away with her friends. He event went golfing with her dad! He’s putting a lot of effort into getting to know them. He’s always surprising her! Last week, he sent a candy basket, and the card said, ‘Just as sweet as you.’ I know it’s really soon, but I think they really love each other.’