WHY The Getaway Flopped


It was NOT Selena Gomez‘s timeless beauty or acting ability that caused The Getaway to flop at the box office! Business Insider revealed that Selena’s film flopped because of poor social media buzz: ‘It’s likely audiences didn’t know the movie existed until media started predicting it would tank. The movie’s traction on social media could be better described as a ‘whisper,’ than buzz.

Analysts told The Wrap that Warner Bros. had ‘screened and marketed the film in normal fashion,’ yet anticipation held zip momentum on social media. Tweets related to ‘Getaway’ had been overall box-office-friendly, positive and negative reviews popping up by a 16-1 ratio last Wednesday. But still, they were few.

BoxOffice.com counted a mere 1,332 tweets about the movie in the three days before its release. The social buzz, despite being positive, paled in comparison to hype surrounding ‘One Direction: This Is Us.’ Thursday alone, the documentary racked up more than 13,000 tweets, that were positive 12-to-1.