1D Fragrance To Earn $360 In 1st Week

One Direction fragrance set to net boys £360k in its first WEEK. The six-figure sum is calculated from pre-orders plus sales of over 3,000 bottles at Harrods in London in just two days: ‘Our Moment is predicted to sell around 180,000 units in the first week alone, making it one of the fastest selling fragrances of all time.

It’s certainly looking like it’s going to be the most successful celebrity perfume launch of the year and sales in America are expected to be bigger still.’ On the basis of 180,000 sales of the most popular 30ml Eau de Parfum, which retails at £19.99, the turnover for the first week will come in at nearly £3.6m.

Liam’s best friend Andy Samuels lit himself on fire when trying to refuel an outdoor heater on Liam’s balcony. It set on fire and engulfed Andy and the whole balcony with flames at Liam’s Docklands apartment, Liam was in the kitchen at the time.

Hearing the noise on his balcony, he reportedly rushed out and helped to put the flames out. The fire brigade was called out with an ambulance, and Liam is said to have gone with Andy to the hospital. Andy is suffering from 20 degree burns to his upper body. Sophia Smith rode with Liam to the hospital.

McFly’s Danny on 1D: ‘They’re pretty switched on. They look after their money, they look after their women. They’re lovely guys, they’re down to earth. It’s amazing how they’ve gripped the nation.’ +1D in Guinness!