Austin Mahone, ‘I Was Excited For Braces’


Austin Mahone revealed to M Magazine that he was excited to get braces: ‘I was actually kind of excited to get them on, I was ready. After the first month, I was like, ‘OK, I hate them. I want them off.

Everytime I went to the orthodontist, I would ask, ‘Is it time for me to get them off yet? And they’d always be like, ‘No, one more year. When you first get them on, they’re totally adjusting your teeth and you can barely eat anything.

But after the first week, you can’t even tell they’re there!’ What color bands did he get? I would get straight red every time!’
How did he feel when he got them off? ‘I was so happy. I felt like a new person.’

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    I love them Austin mohone

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    I love having braces because I look better then when I didn’t have them