Jaymi Hensley ‘I Want Justin Bieber Date’


Union J star Jaymi Hensley has told Digital Spy that he wants Justin Bieber to leave him a flirty video message, as Selena Gomez did to his bandmate George Shelley. Jaymi, who has been with boyfriend Olly Marmon for four years, said he wants to go on a date with Bieber: ‘I like a bad boy’

Asked about Shelley’s message Selena: Hensley quipped: ‘She’s not my type. She left me a video message where she was like, ‘Hi Jaymi, what, he’s gay? Ugh!’ If she could get Justin Bieber to do one, that would be great. He’s not bad looking is he? I like a bad boy.

I don’t care [what I do]. I love my life and I just want to enjoy every minute of it. I’m probably the naughtiest in the fact that I don’t watch what I say.’ Justin and Jaymi would make a cute couple!

UPDATE: Lil Bieby showed off his new hairstyle in LA last night!