Liam HATES Miley Bringing Dog In Bed


Miley Ray Cyrus Capricho cover girl. Via source. On her crazy lifestyle: ‘It might seem a little premature to say this, but nothing easily shocks me. That’s why I’m surprised every time people tell me that my video is very scandalous.

I really don’t think so. On the other hand, though, my point of view may be a little different. I live in Los Angeles and I travel the world.. People who live in smaller cities may think different.’

On Bangerz: ‘I’ve worked on this album for two years with a lot of producers and composers. I wanted to make a record that would work around the whole world. The only one who’s really big anywhere in the world is Pharrell Williams, so you can only imagine how happy I am for having him on my album!’

On Liam Hemsworth and her dogs: Miley talked about how her dogs can do basically anything in her house and how Liam tries to take care of them when she’s out. By the way, Liam doesn’t like it when the dogs go to bed with them, but he has no word on this! She also talked about having a child (she has to learn how to discipline other beings before she can have a child of her own).

Q&Aabout Bangerz: Q: On 4×4, you say you’re a female rebel. Do you really think so? A: This song is my Nashville anthem. I picture a girl standing on a moving truck, screaming the song to the world. I come from Nashville and I think that the sassy way of those girls is great. Nashville girls are brave, confident and I miss hearing voices from my own town on today’s music.

Q: You said that Bangerz is a new beginning. Have you put a lot of thought into how this would be a new beginning? A: Not really. I’m young and I’m not afraid of anything. I’ve got nothing to lose. When a song doesn’t work on the studio, we just don’t use it. I don’t feel like I’m being pressed. I can throw it out and try new things. Maybe I’m still like this because I haven’t had a rough time with my career so far.

Q: Wrecking Ball stands out on the album. Your voice fits perfectly with ballads. A: Thank you. I think my voice is what makes this album consistent, also because of the producers. I wrote Wrecking Ball on the piano and Dr. Luke produced it. He’s a master on ballad songs with orchestras. And I think I need a ballad on my career.

Q: Why do you think that? A: Because this song is going to touch people’s hearts, definitely. After this song, I feel like I’ll finally have all the freedom I want with my sound. Wrecking Ball is, above all else, a girl song. Every girl likes music that can make them cry.

Q: Who is Adore You about? You sing ‘When you say you love me, know that I love you more’. A: It’s a love song, of course. And it was inspired by my relationship and by the relationships of my co-author. But it’s also important to love yourself. By the way, this friend of mine is the friend who inspired me to have my hair cut. She is bald and she had just lost a lot of weight, which is crazy. She finally accepted herself and learned to love herself.