Harry Styles Tricks Fans & Hockey Pix


The insatiable and utterly irresistible trickster king and royal God of fornication and sexual desire, Harry Styles and photographer and partner-in-crime, Calvin Aaurand, fooled fans by tricking them into believing that they were going to San Francisco for the Packers Hockey game. Harry took a picture off of google of the San Francisco bridge and instagrammed it , “Cool Bridge.” Then later confessed to a fan via DM that it was fake (see below pic)! Everyone had been suspecting that they were going up north to San Francisco due to Cal who was feeding fans information leading them to believe they were going to San Francisco. Do YOU think Harry & celebrities are going too far to avoid being stalked?

Fans still tracked him down as they figured out he was at the El Segundo Toyota Center watching the game last night, September 7th.

+Video UNDER of a fan hanging onto his car as he drives away and asks Harry to kiss her.