Shenae Grimes ‘WTF Is Up W/ Miley?


90210’s Shenae Gimes BASHED Miley Ray Cyrus‘ nude ‘Wrecking Ball’ music video: ‘WTF is up with Miley’s new music video? I mean, I don’t know the girl but if I did I’d demand she bath twice, put some clothes on and give her a big hug.. looks like she needs it.’

Grimes’ husband, musician and model Josh Beech: ‘Miley doesn’t leave much to the imagination in new video.. Sledge hammer licking, naked on a wrecking ball and what seems to be a camel toe.. Pretty much sums up most 20 somethings saturday nights out doesn’t it!!!!!!???????

Miley’s got a new video and to be honest I like the song. The video is maybe a bit unnecessary considering her fans are aged between 10 and 12 but whatever floats your boat i guess. It’s a new porno.’