Harry Styles LA Fan Meeting Pictures


Harry Styles tattooed while on vacation in Los Angeles. Harry got the flower on his left arm underneath the infamous ship which was etched onto his skin in the company of ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift. His other tattoos include the WRONG lyrics for Temper Trap’s iconic song Sweet Disposition.

The singer has ‘won’t stop till we surrender’ on his left arm when the correct wording is actually ‘won’t stop to surrender. He also has ’17 black’ in reference to his lucky number on a roulette wheel plus two swallows and a giant butterfly on his chest.

Caroline Flack discussing her relationship with Harry: ‘We weren’t bothered and his family wasn’t bothered. But the thing about unconventional relationships is that other people do seem to be bothered.’

Harry’s father Des took to Twitter to rant about Caroline’s comments: ‘His ‘family’ and ‘parents’ supposedly ‘weren’t bothered’ about his thing with Caroline Flack so says she. Nobody asked me? Rubbish! X.’

Caroline: ‘I mean, look, it was just really fun to hang out.. I don’t think we were ever going to have a long-term future. It was fun and it was hurting nobody.. [Breaking up] was fine. And now we’re friends.’

UPDATE: Harry & Niall sing about Colorado under!