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Brad from The Vamps [The British band that opened for Selena] revealed his last Google search, ‘Basically we’re supporting Selena Gomez so I was like ‘She can’t be taller than me!’ so my last Google search was ‘How tall is Selena Gomez?’, she’s 5ft 5 and I’m 5ft 7!’ James:

‘First half of next year we hope for the album. It’s hard to put an exact date on because, for example, Brad is really hoping to make relations with Selena Gomez and the chase, the relationship and the break-up could be three songs!’ SET LIST under!

Bang Bang Bang
Round & Round
Like A Champion
Work by Iggy Azalea
Stars Dance
Write Your Name
Birthday Cake by Rihanna
Love You Like A Love Song
Love Will Remember
Dream by Priscilla Ahn
Royals by Lorde
Who Says
Save The Day
A Year Without Rain

Come & Get It
Slow Down

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