Sting, ‘I Hope Justin Bieber Survives’


Veteran rocker Sting told The Guardian: ‘Oh, I’d love another hit! It’s fun to have a hit. That hit would have to reflect me as a 61-year-old man. I’d find it demeaning, otherwise. Fame and ego and money can do terrible things. I know it’s a cliche, but you still see people going through it. Look at Justin Bieber,

it’s like he’s in freefall. I just hope he survives it because a lot of people don’t. If I could give any advice to young musicians, it would be this: just try and enjoy it, because that truly explosive bit doesn’t last for ever.

When Justin Bieber heads to New Zealand in November, a few lucky Kiwis will get the chance of a lifetime: to leave the country. 90.2 the Rock FM are giving hem free tickets out of town. VIDEO under!