Liam ‘Miley Headed For Britney-Meltdown’

Sources close to Liam Hemsworth revealed to HEAT that Liam feels that Miley Cyrus is headed for a Britney Spears-like meltdown: ‘[Liam’s parents have] never been huge fans of Miley and were shocked by their future daughter-in-law’s

antics. Miley’s been going off the rails for some time, and Liam finally snapped after she refused to apologise or listen to his feelings. He told her she needed to ‘grow up’ before she heads to a Britney-style breakdown.

He told Miley that he wanted a break and has enjoyed the space, telling pals he isn’t sure he can go through with the wedding when she seems to be acting like a ‘deranged teenager‘. Miley unfollowed Liam yesterday.. It seems to be a downhill battle. When will Nick Jonas save her?! #NileyComeback2013