Selena Gomez No Sex W/ George Shelley


Selena Gomez did NOT have sex with Union J’s George Shelley, according to his bandmates. [Selena should date Miley now that they are both single for fun!] JJ: ‘They are just friends. It’s not our place to discuss but they are friends and, obviously, George will say what he wants to say about the situation.’

The boys were hanging out with Selena after they supported her on tour in Lisbon last week but suggest nothing X rated happened: ‘She didn’t get off stage until quite late, so we just went and she invited us all back to her hotel and we had a drink. She is cool and a really nice girl.

Josh: ‘George is such a huggy person. He loves hugs. He just hugs people. People who know him will be like ‘awwww!’ but people who don’t will think what the hell is going on? He’s like this tidal-wave force when he hugs you. He is the hug whore of the band.’

JJ: ‘The support we got out there was insane. When they saw Josh it was just mayhem. But in a good way,’ said JJ, recounting being met with a sea of foreign fans upon arriving in the Portuguese capital. My manager was beside me on the tour bus and was like ‘Put the window up! Put the window up!’ and I was like ‘But there’s people’s hands in the window!!’

Josh: ‘The last three nights and this is weird, I don’t know why it happens, but I’ve gone to sleep in my boxers, but woken up with no boxers on. My room is messy, yeah, but I can’t find them. That’s weird, right?’ LL: ‘I think he’s having a naughty dream.’