Pink ‘Miley Can Do Better’


Pink to E! News on twerking: ‘Am I into it? No, I think it’s tacky. Miley’s really freaking talented. She’s beautiful. She can sing her ass off and to go up there and do that? She’s cheating herself and she’s cheating the rest of us.. She can do what she wants. People can like it if they want. I’m not going to buy it. She can do better. I’ve seen her do better.’

Costar Josh Gad joked: ‘She twerks on set all the time.’ Pink: ‘I twerk all the time like a mofo. There’s a place for that and it’s not on stage. I’m a performer and I take my craft very, very seriously and I always try to evolve and be better and I never just kind of phone it in,

Because I believe if people are going to get up and get out of bed and go to work and spend their hard-earned money on me to entertain their family, I’m going to do it well and I’m going to do it interestingly and with class and creativity. I’m not saying I always get there, but that’s where I try to get to.’

Miley on almost dying while bowling: ‘I literally almost died the last time I played. I will never play again. The shoes are way too slippy and I went sliding down the lane and almost went through the pins. I did do a strike but it was with my own body.. I was actually really frightened. I suck at sports, I do nothing. I don’t want to watch sports, I don’t want to play sports, I don’t care.’

Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan proudly displayed a pendulum statue with a 42-inch steel ball hanging from a 50-foot cable, which bears a resemblance to the prop used in Miley’s ‘Wrecking Ball’ video. Students jumped at the chance to recreate the video, posing nude or mostly nude on the public statue. However, the University took action and removed the structure.